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Three Houses Named at High School - Click Here for Details
New Google Mail for faculty (7/7/14): We have migrated our electonic mail system to Gmail with a new address structure of LastnameFI@wellesleyps.org or SmithJ@wellesleyps.org. Our old address structure will continue to work for a year through the transition but the new shorter email addresses will be used going forward. Click here to log into faculty gmail. Click here for WPS Google support and training videos.
1:1 Grade 6 iPad Initiative:  Thanks to those who registered for the Grade 6 iPad Initiative. We have enough registrants to go forward with the program. For those who have not yet registered we are leaving the registration open through August. We will put a second order in for late registrations although we cannot guarantee delivery for the start of the program.  Click here for more information and to register for the program.
This spring students in Wellesley, as well as more than 340 districts, will be "testing the test" to ensure that the questions are fair, on grade level, and measure the intended skills.  If the "field test" shows that PARCC is successful, then Massachusetts will consider replacing MCAS with the PARCC assessment system. 
There are no policies under review at this time.